Pluralsight review 2020

Pluralsight is an awesome e-learning platform that I’m personally using regularly to improve my skills as a web developer. In this Pluralsight review, I will show you couple of nice features it offers.

Pluralsight offers online courses not just for software developers, but for a whole range of other IT professionals. You can find quality content and courses on topics such as Cloud Computing, machine learning, server infrastructure and virtualization, information & cyber security, data analysis & intelligence, design, architecture, engineering & construction and many other.

Pluralsight has more than a 1,500 expert authors and content creators that are publishing new courses frequently which is very important in this ever changing industry. You can always find fresh content in any area that interest you which is vital to become and stay competitive. Check the full list of Pluralsight courses here.

Choose your learning path and test your skills

Pluralsight role IQ

To start learning, you can choose between thousands of courses from the library, or take a free Pluralsight Skill IQ or Role IQ test to see the best suited plan for you.

Pretty cool, right?

Each role you choose will contain several key skills that are required by a particular role. For example, React Web Developer role contains the following 8 skills: React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Redux, Git, NPM, ES6. You can take an assessment test for each of the skills, to get an objective overview of your current skill set. Pluralsight will then recommend the courses for you based on your test scores!

In this Pluralsight review, I am going to show you a git assessment test example within a React Web Developer role path:

Pluralsight git assessment

You answer questions one by one, each question has a limited time to respond and you can see instantly whether you got the right answer.

Pluralsight assessment question example

Finally you get the result of the test, and if you’re not happy with it, you get one free re-take.

Pluralsight skill assessment score

Based on git score above, I got 6 course recommendations based on the questions I answered wrong. And you get those recommendations after each skill assessment you take. Don’t you find this to be a fantastic way to identify what you need to learn and which areas to improve in order to advance your career.

Pluralsight course characteristics

Courses are divided into several modules, each module then congaing several lectures. But within each course, there’s a lot of other resources and possibilities such as downloadable exercise files, discussion with other students, learning checks that prepare you the skill assessment and many more.

Pluralsight course overview

Learn on the go using Pluralsight mobile apps

Pluralsight courses are also available through official Pluralsight mobile apps which makes the learning experience truly ubiquitous, you can learn on the go. I am using official Pluralsight Android app and I can access the course by reaching into the pocket, whenever and wherever I am, on the train, on the bus, before I go to sleep… Courses are usually divided into few logical modules, each containing anywhere from a few up to a dozen of usually short (cca 5 min) lectures and that makes them perfect while you are on the go.

Pluralsight review conclusion

In this Pluralsight review, I tried to point out key features and benefits using this online learning platform. If you are convinced Pluralsight could help you improve your skills as well, please consider signing up using one of the links provided here in this post as that way I’m getting a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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