How to easily install free SSL certificate on GoDaddy

Recently I’ve noticed an issue with the expired SSL certificate on a client’s website.

I wanted to renew it through GoDaddy cPanel account but sure enough GoDaddy doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt out of the box like most other hosting providers, such as my personal favorite SiteGround.

However, fortunately there is a easy way to install it free SSL without messing with SSH if you’re not comfortable with it.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do it step by step and the same approach can probably be used for other hosting providers that don’t support Let’s Encrypt out of the box such as HostEurope, InMotion Hosting, Strato, Namecheap and others.

Free SSL certificate can be easily installed on GoDaddy via ZeroSSL.

The process is simple, you just choose a domain where you want to install the free SSL certificate.

On the next step, you create a free account.

Then you’re offered to go PRO in order to create a wildcard certificate to secure the subdomains as well, or to secure another domain. You can skip that step and proceed to the next if you don’t need those options.

Step after that is where they try to sell you PRO package again. You can ignore it, but you’ll have to renew the certificate each 90 days. That’s fine for me, but you might want to go PRO to have a piece of mind for the entire year.

And then after two more step where you definitely verify that you don’t want the PRO package, you are prompted to verify the domain ownership.

There are three ways to do it, email verification is probably the easiest, but I tried HTTP File upload and it worked pretty fast.

Once you’ve successfully verified the ownership, you can download the zipped files that you need to upload to your server. Here is the ZeroSSL tutorial on how install SSL certificate through cPanel.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed free SSL certificate on GoDaddy! If you need any problems, please comment below or contact us.

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