How to easily install a free SSL certificate on GoDaddy

Learn how to easily install a free SSL certificate on GoDaddy in six easy steps. I’ve written this guide as recently I’ve noticed an issue with the expired SSL certificate on a client’s website hosted on GoDaddy. I wanted to renew it through the GoDaddy cPanel account but sure enough, GoDaddy doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt … Read more

Klarna – How to auto-capture WooCommerce order programmatically

If you’re using Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout plugin with Klarna Order management plugin within your WooCommerce based webshop and you got some custom order statuses implemented you might want to change the default auto-capture order feature on “Completed” order status. Unfortunately, Klarna Order Management plugin only has an option to select or deselect the … Read more

How to optimize the Voux theme images

The Voux is an excellent looking and very popular Premium WP magazine theme. However, it has one flaw: it doesn’t handle the images very well. If you are using The Voux theme, you might be getting a warning about serving scaled images when running GTmetrix report. Actually, I got couple of requests to fix The … Read more